Smooth as Polish – Strong as Nails

As I grew up all geeky and nerdy looking, my middle class background parents – both teachers – always distracted me away from my woes about not looking as pretty as the next girl, with one thing – “Get smart- looks don’t count as much as what’s inside of you.” This was the one thought I needed, to escape the taunts and comments about my skinny frame and bespectacled look.

So I began a journey with books and more books that I could read and get all “smart”. I filled my head with knowledge and didn’t quite care for how I dressed up. Somehow the desire to strengthen the “inside” ended up with a distaste for the “outside” stuff. I turned my nose up at “girly” stuff like painting nails and that dreaded waxing routine!

Then I went and got my MBA in marketing and was hired by an ad agency. I was surrounded with people who were fantastic communicators, intelligent, smart, witty, kind -AND- dressed gorgeous!

My entire perception of what my personality should be – was turned on its head!! I found people who spoke intelligently also paid attention to themselves and their grooming. I gingerly purchased my first pair of formal clothes, a make-up set and some junk jewellery in a lame attempt to accessorise. I loved the way I looked!! Surprisingly – looking good, also put a spring in my step and a happy lilt in my voice.

Getting to know the community at Scra2ch was another eye opener. These super talented nail artists who spent their time with polish and rhinestones, are women of steel! They battle cancer,raise kids single-handed, study for their nail tech licenses with mortgages to deal with,are super smart bitcoin miners and run salons in the most professional way – and all that while, their glam quotient never slipped.They reinforced the concept that you can be as smooth as polish on the outside – and as strong as nails on the inside.


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Loved this blog – so true to the reality of most women around the world.!

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