Jacqueline Reimer

One gutsy farm girl

When I was a young girl, I never really had any thoughts to beauty routines. I was a farm girl that loved outdoorsy stuff but also loved my nail polish.  

I use to be a correctional officer until my mom became more sick because of her heart problems. She adopted my 2 amazing nephews and niece years before. I resigned from corrections years ago to help her full time and help raise these amazing children who are like my own. Two have autism among others things and I have never seen such amazing, beautiful people in my life. They have taught me to see the beauty in  things we normally look past and how important simple thing in life are… like kindness. Kindness is one of the easiest things to give and sometimes the quality most forgotten. These little guys keep  me busy but they also keep my heart filled with a crazy amount of love. They also taught me that different is not good thing, it’s a great thing! People strive to be like other people daily, from work to clothes, to the way we look, and even nail art. When in fact individuality is what we should all strive for. It’s what makes every person in this world special.

When I  won second place in the Scra2ch Haute Nail contest a few months ago , I was so proud and excited..  When I received my prize I went online to buy some new nail items. That’s when an item in my cart I had been watching became available. It wasn’t just any regular item..It was a toy set…. a special toy set  my beautiful nephew had asked for Christmas!.. This toy is not available in stores around here. I was so excited I was dancing! His face is going to be priceless Christmas morning! I’m very grateful to Scratch and all the opportunities it has brought my way. Not to mention the lovely people I have met as well.


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Great life. Courage and inspiration to us all

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