Sarah Elmaz

Nail Artist
BIO Melbourne, the land of merriment and all good things, is where Sarah Elmaz is from. Having started 'Get Buffed' to pay for a holiday for herself, she is now an artist the world looks up to. She has an impeccable style that makes everyone go gaga over her character nail art. She's an educator too. While making it to the world's topmost nail challenges including NTNA, this supermom-cum artist-cum movie buff is known to her followers for her passion never to play small.  

Two words

Get buffed.  

A Question I like to ask

I love learning about other people's family history.  

A person who inspires me daily

My sons, I want to make them proud!  

A place I go to rewind

My nail room or the world of movies.  

An idea I am working on

Winning a few more nail art competitions.  

The day everything works

I feel happy!  

My message to the world

Hate less, encourage others.  

Kamikaze of Inspiration

I have always had a love for nail art, and have watched it change over the years, from colored tips to tiny hand-painted masterpieces. I’ve been painting my nails since a kid but in 2002 my sister urged me to take a nail course. I took it and I would always be grateful to life to have made this choice. Soon I began working in the beauty industry doing nails. I’m not sure if I would say I have a natural artistic ability when it comes to painting, but I am a perfectionist, with a steady hand and a lot of patience (and good eyesight). Rock Stars or Nail Stars, perhaps, your stars? There are a lot of nail artists on my list of favourites. They are from diverse categories, making it to my list for different reasons. Here I am picking up the top five only to make it short and sweet:Shiori @shiooo0ri, Mana @mananails, Susan @glamsusie, Teena @luminousnails and Iliana @lovelili95. I love taking part in the nail art competitions. You get to know so many talented people from all over the world and the themes push your imagination to the next level.  

Making everyday beautiful

The most enjoyable part of doing nails is how those pieces make my clients feel. I love seeing the transformation of their nails into something that expresses their individual personalities.  

In a world full of people, only a few want to fly. Only a few find out what rages their blood and chase it. And change everything forever. Passion is truly the genesis of genius, and once you have it, you can blaze the trail! And that's the story of this amazing Princess of the South. She puts her heart into every design she does and converts them into miniature masterpieces. As she has known what a true passion is like, soaring higher and higher is no longer a scare, but an urge to live for!


Big eyed wonders

Character nails are, hands down, what I like the most. The nail artists who can paint realistic looking faces have always been a treat to me. It is extremely difficult to do that, hence, I find these designs difficult, but I like to challenge myself by painting faces and other intricate designs. I find it easier to focus on one side of the face… especially closely on the eye. I try to keep all the features to the correct scale. To make the design have a real impact, definitely try to keep the scale correct. Eyes and lips should be proportional to the head. I also like to use gel polish, this makes it easier for me to make up for the mistakes and try again until I am happy. Sponge on.. I am sure nail art would continue to be as popular as it is right now. And a lot more talented artists will also pop up with their unique designs. For me I would continue with my nail adventure and enjoy educating the aspiring artists about the different aspects of nail art. For now I can only tell this much. I am excited about the journey and the possibilities that lie ahead. I know I’m going somewhere beautiful and waiting breathlessly for what else I can become in the days to come!

Nail art by Sarah Elmaz