Nona Philippa

Nail Artist

Professional details:

​I am a licensed Nail Artist. I rent a room in a hair salon. ​

Name of the salon & brand associated:

​My business name is “Nails by Anona.” I am associated with Magpie and use their glitters and gel polish in my salon. I also help them during beauty exhibitions. ​​

What have been your milestones in life:

​I have been nominated as a finalist for - “U.K. Blogger of the year”. I will also be training to be an educator and have reached over 12k followers on Instagram and 15k on my YouTube channel. ​​

What is your mantra for professional and personal success:

​I believe in treating people the way I would want to be treated. I also believe in being truthful with my clients and others associated with this industry. I believe in honesty because as long as you are honest, people will trust you. With kindness and trust, you will always be successful.

Nail art by Nona Philippa