Margaret Dinwiddie

Nail Artist
BIO Being intrigued by watermarbling videos on Youtube, Margaret embarked on her journey as a nail artist 6 years ago. Soon the onset of instagram provided a huge fillip to this new-age art form and made extensive exchange among the artists possible. This boosted her creative spirit further and led her to a series of accomplishments. Her salon offering warmth and genial hospitality is a snug retreat for all her clients.  

Two words

Cuticle oil

A Question I like to ask

Who does your nails?

A person who inspires me daily

Jesus Christ

A place I go to rewind

Bootbarn…I love to go walk through the boot aisle.

An idea I am working on

Maybe looking into doing swatches along with my art.

The day everything works

I’ll probably wish it hadn’t. As nothing is ever really perfect and that’s what makes things special.

My message to the world

Be happy, Love, Laugh and NEVER leave the house without polished nails.  

Ah! Those heavenly swirls!

I’ve always painted my nails or had them done, but I really started getting into nail art about six years ago. It all started with watching MySimpleLittlePleasures on Youtube. I was really bewitched by her water marble designs, they were the first ones I had ever seen. I thought it was such an amazing technique that I started trying it myself. For a while the only way I painted my nails was water marbling. It then gave me the courage from there to start my own Youtube channel sharing my water marble designs with the world. Then almost four years ago this crazy new app called Instagram showed up. I signed up not really knowing what it was. I began posting my personal pics and sporadic images of a few of my nail designs. And every now and then I came across new nail accounts. One of my first was Vanessa’s @mrslochness. Warm and welcoming, she had been a true inspiration for me. I gradually started following more accounts and was amazed to see that nail art had become this huge thing.  

My style pick? Keep guessing ;)

Blobbicure is right now one of my favorite designs. It’s simple to do, but has a fair amount of visual impact. I love to see, how I come up with a different outcome each time using varying combinations of colors and shades. I think, for most of the artists, the hardest design is the watermarble. It has got a lot of components to it that make it difficult. You need the right water temperature, the right color palette, the perfect speed and the perfect room temperature. It also requires a lot of patience and too much cleanup, but once you are done, you’ll surely be hooked.  

Love, nail art and country music - that's what life is for Margaret Dinwiddie. This certified nail tech from California is a storehouse of creativity. With her heart set out for wondrous nail adventures, she knows really well how to paint her nails with the color of passion.

It’s all about trying new ideas

I soon branched out with freehand style and eventually decided to try a portrait on my nails. I had no prior experience with drawing or painting but I painted Rudolph characters for an art contest and I was so proud of myself that the characters actually somewhat looked like them. Haha! From there I just kept pushing myself and trying new paintings with those finest details and throughout the process I’ve learnt a lot from other nail artists and enthusiasts whom I got to know through social media.  

Expression to my true identity

I love everything about what I do. I’m not only a nail enthusiast enjoying doing my own nails, but also a nail tech trying to make others feel great about their nails too. It’s fun to go to work, play with the polishes and see my clients’ radiant faces as they watch those designs on their nails coming to life and then again to go back home and start working on my own nails. My blog is dedicated to my nail adventures. I also love making Youtube videos. Spending time on designs that pop into my head and sharing them with others is so much fun. I just can’t express in words how nail art has enhanced my life. It has brought along boundless joy, great enthusiasm and passion for creativity and at the same time helped me connect with other amazing artists who share the same passion as I do. In short, nail art has helped me find who I truly am and what exactly I want to be doing. They don their hats pretty well! There are so many excellent artists out there. If you want me to name just a few, they have to be: Lucero Rodriguez @_lovely_nails_, Allison @whimsicalicious, @thepolishedjuicebox,  Jennifer C @lacqueredmama, Mely @rockyournails, Amy @indie500nails, Amy McG @mcpolish and Jamy @jamylyn_nails.

Moments of joy and mirth

My goal this year is just to master as many different techniques as possible. For a while I was in a ‘freehand only’ state of mind and I think this year is all about trying new things so that I can offer my fans greater variety of art and diversity of designs. Professionally my goal is just to build my client base and treat my clients to the same amount of love, care and warmth that I would like to shower upon myself.

Nail art by Margaret Dinwiddie