Kelli Dobrin

Nail Artist
BIO Enamored of the nail art that tinseltown Illuminati sport on their nails, Kelli set her mind to plunge into the incredibly diverse world of nail art. Back then she used to paint her cuticles in sheer excitement :) She admires nail art as it gives everyone a creative chance to express their unique ways. Right now she is working on her ideas of Graffiti and painterly nail art. Art for her is not a lasting glory, but an ephemeral effervescence that can continuously challenge the creative spirit.  

Two words

Nail Art

A Question I like to ask

What makes you smile?

A person who inspires me daily

All of my nail artist friends

​A place I go to rewind

The beach :-) The beach :-)

An idea I am working on

Making a YouTube nail art channel

The day everything works

Is everyday

My message to the world

Don’t compare yourself to others, you are incredible :-)  

Doing it all wrong!

I started painting my nails several years ago, and back then I used to paint my nails only in black. After all, that’s what all my favourite celebrities were doing. I remember once I showed that to my mom, and she laughed and told me that I wasn’t supposed to paint my cuticles – I think that’s around the time I started looking up photos of manicures to see how to do it correctly, and I discovered this incredible world that I never even knew existed.

It’s almost like Graffiti

I think my favourite part about being a nail artist is how temporary this art is – people always ask me why I do intricate designs on my nails if I’m just going to take them off anyway, but that’s the fun of it. You can express yourself in so many different ways, through so many different emotions, and when you’re done, you can wipe it away and start with a clean slate. It almost reminds me of graffiti, because that’s an amazing sort of temporary artwork. Hey, graffiti nail art sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? :)  

Kelli Dobrin is a die-hard nail art addict from New Jersey, USA. She loves to fascinate about gradient for its natural blend of colours and glitters for being high on glam quotient. Her blog The Nail Polish Challenge vividly portrays her journey towards this new experience.


Nail polish challenge

Seeing people come up with amazing designs using only tape or a toothpick inspired me so much, and I started practising different nail art styles almost every day after that. Eventually, I decided it was time to document my journey, and The Nail Polish Challenge was born.

Gradients’ easy convergence

I think my favourite design changes every day – we all are our own harshest critics, so for me, it’s quite easy to notice all the flaws in my work, but I try to remind myself of how great the overall design looks. Any of my nail art involving gradients, where one colour blends into another would probably be my favourite because it’s such a cool way to rock more than one colour at a time while still being subtle. Glitter mani. WOW! The hardest nail art design I ever did was this glitter placement using a glitter top coat from NCLA. I dumped the glitter top coat out on a piece of paper, and I placed each little glitter with a toothpick. It was such tedious work. But I think the end result looks amazing, and I definitely wouldn’t change a thing about this manicure.My suggestion for anyone who wants to try a look like this – be patient. It takes a lot of time but the end result is worth it.

Spontaneity of painterly art

Lately, I have been really impressed with the painterly approach that some artists have with their nail art – like Lindsey from wondrouslypolished and Meghan from willpaintnailsforfood. I think they take the term “nail art” to the next level because their creations look like beautiful paintings that you would have in your home. I am trying to broaden my style a bit, so I have been practising painterly nail art, but that type of nail art is beyond my reach right now, so I just drool over other artists’ work.

Inspiring Creativity

I really just want to continue what I am doing, and I hope to inspire people to express their emotions in a creative way. Whether that be nail art or any other form of art. That’s why I started making YouTube videos, to show people that nail art is so much easier than it seems.

Nail art by Kelli Dobrin