Jessie Kolle

Nail Artist


Being inspired by the nail art photos on Pinterest, Jessie tried a tape manicure and since then she is madly in love with it . Though in the demanding profession of mental health support, nail art for her is the surest escape route from the muddle and madness of daily life. Boldly impassioned about its creative potential she wishes to dig more into this crazy art form. Her easygoing but fascinating style makes her one of the most admired cognoscenti in the world of nail art.  

Two words

Be Happy

A Question I like to ask

Can we be friends?

A person who inspires me daily

My Husband

A place I go to rewind

The beach

An idea I am working on

Simplicity in life can be best

The day everything works

A day filled with laughter

My message to the world

Positivity goes a long way  

Tape is my forever love

When I was first introduced to Pinterest two and a half years ago, I was so inspired by photos of nail art that I tried my first tape manicure and have been hooked ever since! I enjoy using other mediums such as water marbling, sponge gradients, and the occasional free hand doodle; however, tape is my forever love. I always watch in amazement as I peel the tape off of my nail to reveal sharp lines and a fun design. Also, my creativity with different color combinations and polish applications always feels exciting!  

Escape! Escape!

The simple act of painting my nails provides me allows me to spoil myself and wind down after a long day at work. Although I absolutely love my profession of mental health counseling, it is quite a demanding job. Nail art gives me an escape into myself and my creativity helps me to carry on with a healthy and balanced mind at my work.  

Freedom I love

I see myself continuing as a hobbyist. I once considered becoming licensed, but I think that doing this professionally could dampen my enjoyment of it. I occasionally paint my friends’ nails, and even that can be stressful! I love the freedom of having my own hand close to my face and doing whatever comes to mind. As I continue to attract more people online who like my work, a major goal is to just keep painting what I feel like and not worry about doing what I think other people want to see. I love nail art and am so glad I discovered it!  

Jessie Kolle from Molokai, Hawaii is one of the most sought after connoisseurs in the world of nail art. Her forte is the multi-layered tape manicure. Zigzags and chevrons are her favorites but she loves to explore new styles and even occasionally the free hand doodle.


Zigzags & Chevron

My favorite designs (which my supporters would very much agree with) are zigzags and chevrons! Cutting out the designs for these was always fun! With the influx of pre-cut nail tapes in the market, I rarely cut my own designs anymore. I sometimes miss that detail of preparation and then quickly become thankful for being able to stick and peel quicker! All of my nail designs are completed in simple steps. If anything about them is difficult, I would say it would be the patience to do multi-layered tape manicures. Painting a base coat, base color, fast dry top coat, waiting 10-20 minutes for that to dry for tape, painting another color on top of the tape to make a design, and then repeating the top coat and taping portions an additional one or two more times could have the potential to drive some people mad. I absolutely love it, though that may make me a different flavor of weird. When creating this type of design, I suggest using varying colors so that each design is distinct and not muddled.  

Darcy, my best friend

One of my favorite, talented nail artists, Darcy, is also my best friend! We met on Instagram and fortunately lived less than a 2 hours drive away from each other. She is on Instagram as @sparrownailsand recently earned her nail technicians license. Another favorite of mine is Mia! Our love for nails and sharing it with the world has built a friendship across different parts of our country. Last year, she extended her talent from nail art to also creating her own nail polish brand! She is on Instagram as @bsquaredlacquer. I have so many favorite nail artists who I follow on Instagram that I could go on all day! Before that happens, I ask you to please also check out @mucking_fusser, @sloteazzy, @nailstorming, @lafemmelulu, and @andreitus_nails. They are all very inspiring artists!

Nail art by Jessie Kolle