Hannah Brownlee

Freehand Nail Artist
BIO The day she picked up her first crayon was the day she chose to color all her way up. As her art has to exude elation, character nail art is her oyster. A kid at heart, she can breathe life into her Disney characters so as to infect others with their gleeful charm. Her artwork is a never ending journey of a joyful heart in search of splendid celebration.  

Two words

Sparkles Holos

A Question I like to ask

How's Life?

A person who inspires me daily

My Mom

A place I go to rewind

My nail art desk, of course

An idea I am working on

Nail Polish, nail art supplies storage. I need to get more organized.

The day everything works

.......is bliss!​

My message to the world

Life is short. Be nice and happy, people!  

Wending my way

I think I was born a creative sort and I’ve been expressing myself through art ever since I was old enough to pick up a crayon! So far, I have tried my hand at many creative hobbies like drawing, sketching, cross stitching and water painting. At school, my creativity was also given a chance to thrive, allowing me to gain qualifications in art and graphic design. Whilst my love for art was there, nail art turned out to be only a fairly recent discovery. About 3 years ago, I noticed nail art was becoming a big trend in the fashion world (another interest of mine). Magazines I read started to post ‘how tos’ of designs seen on catwalk models, and readers would also send in their own nail creations to be published. I thought , “I fancy a go at that”, so I did! About 20 months ago I decided to post my first, simple nail designs on Instagram. That’s when my hobby got serious. After browsing nail art related tags, I quickly discovered that there was a whole community of people doing the same thing as me, and I can honestly say it’s been life changing. I have learned so much, and I still am almost 2 years later.

Putting the feet up

I love that it’s a total contrast from my office job. The last thing I want to do when I come home is to stare at more computers and screens. Painting is my ‘downtime’. I really didn’t think it would become such an important part of my day, and impact so positively on my life the way it has so far. Mostly though, I’m just so proud and blessed to be a member of such a wonderful, supportive community. Having a global network of other nail artists to talk to, and be inspired by is a wonderful thing. I can’t think of too many other hobbies that allow interaction on a scale like this. To me, it’s magic!  

All of Chester cannot contain enough beauty. That's why she picked up her nail art brush and went on painting her dreams. Her sprightly and iconic characters add a lot of color to life. A benignant artist, a seeker of beauty and a passionate learner herself, she never ceases to find inspiration from the fellow artists and to be ever the best version of herself. Isn't she amazing?


Cup of tea..

I specialize in designs that are character/ pop culture based. These themes are crowd- pleasers and universally recognized, which is great as my audience on Instagram/ Facebook is global. I’m a total big kid at heart, so Disney designs will always be the most fun for me to paint. I think WALL-E and EVE were two defining manis for me as they were probably the most detailed Disney designs that I’ve done.

Ahead of the Curve

I’m a huge fan of Christina @tinas_polish, Aj Shearer @ashearer3, Sheron @ka_yee_and Eva @coewless. Their work is incredibly inspiring, well-executed and creative. I know of so many deserving ladies worth a mention. For character based art (that’s my favorite kind) it’s got to be @just_alexiz. She is phenomenal. Nahkoura @nahkouradoesnails is also brilliant. Her band/ album inspired manis are so incredibly detailed, and totally unique to any other nail art I’ve seen. Jess @Jessnailed_it is an all rounder… stunning gradients, swatches and insanely well-executed free hand art. The complete package! Oh, and I can’t not mention wonderful Gianna of @nailstorming – who is going to take over the world! You probably already knew that though, right??v  

Trust in the flow :)

2015 has already been a great year for @hannah_nails_it. Opportunities to swatch for indie polishes, and @bornprettystore have been huge highlights so far, and I really hope I get to do more. Interviewing for Scra2ch is amazing too. It’s humbling and a privilege to be included alongside artists I look up to. As for the rest of the year, I hope to push myself outside my comfort zone and have a go at some different styles and techniques. I tend to shy away from realism in my designs, as I know it’s not one of my key strengths. Still, if you don’t practice, you can’t improve, so I need to be brave and give it a go!

Nail art by Hannah Brownlee