Claire Watson

Nail Artist
BIO Claire Watson is well-known for her experimentation with new styles. She wanted to invest her free time in a creative endeavor and thus began her journey with nail art. With variety of designs, her nail art exudes her individuality and spontaneity quite distinctly. Smile on her clients' faces is the greatest reward for her and she constantly challenges herself to come up with unusual designs even for the craziest of themes.  

Two words

Enjoy Life

A Question I like to ask

How did you do that? (to my fellow nail artists)

A person who inspires me daily

Cliché yes, my Mom inspires me. She is truly selfless and thoughtful, always puts others first. She is always there to support me.

A place I go to rewind

The bathroom. A hot bubble bath is what I need to clear my thoughts.

An idea I am working on

Now, that would be telling..

The day everything works

That exactly is my kind of day ;)

My message to the world

Do what you love, it is the easiest way to be happy.

Just three years ago

My journey began roughly three years ago. I had just moved to a new house and was trying to get my life straight, but it wasn’t that simple. I completed my qualification as a teaching assistant from the place where I was living before and there I was also volunteering at a local primary school every day. However, after shifting the base I tried in all the schools in the vicinity but none of them had openings. Left with a lot of time to spend with myself (literally) I had to find something to be busy with. I began painting my nails more regularly but very quickly became bored of plain polish. I looked into all nail art supplies and armed myself with a small bag of polish, a few paints, some brushes, dotting tools, striping tape and the nice YouTube videos on nail art were there to help me begin. This is how it started.

Claire drew her inspiration from the landmark events in Black History of the United States, from the very beginning of slave trade on American soil in 1619 till the ascent of Barack Obama in 2009 as the first black person ever to grace the White House.

Anita advised me to join Instagram and my eyes were truly opened to the world of nail art. I started creating new designs within a couple of days, people noticed them, my family and friends complimented me. This is when I started believing that I was actually quite good at something. I decided to sign myself up for a nail tech course, and I passed. And I guess, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

This qualified nail technician from UK is an inspiration for thousands of nail art enthusiasts. Diversity is the keyword for Claire Watson. She loves to give expressions to complex emotions and experiments mostly with sophisticated designs.


Designs i’m mad for

Asking a nail artist about their all time favourite designs is like asking a Mother which of her children is her favourite – hahaha! The hardest design I have ever created is a much easier question to answer. It is definitely the Bride of Chucky design I did for Halloween ’13. I put blood, sweat and tears into that design. Even though I had quite nearly given in halfway, I am so glad that I didn’t. Thanks to Lex for the support. It is quite an unusual design, not the everyday thing, you see. But I would definitely like to recommend it for a Halloween party. Nail artists whom i admire Instagram: @lexstasynails, @stylethosenails, @polishmelovely, @seizethenail, @ane_li, @tinas_polish, @jenns5nails, @dess_sure, @with2l, @nonaphilippa, @hannah_nails_it, @sharingvu, @narmai, @just_alexiz, @ka_yee_or, @laynopaul, @kimiko7878, @kwalls102, @andreitus_nails, @piouh, @nailstorming, @riddhisn to name but a few. I could really go on and on. Instagram is full of truly incredible artists.  

Dazzling faces with glittering nails

The best part of being a nail technician is seeing your clients’ shining faces when you have finished. Being able to put a smile on somebody’s face by doing something you love is the best feeling. I love being able to make people feel good about themselves. I also love the people my art has brought me into contact with – clients, friends and fellow nail artists.

To be my own boss is all i want

My aim in 2015 when it comes to my art is to really work on sharpening it up – doing more pattern work and fashion inspired designs. I want to learn new techniques and maybe think up something unusual and unique. I also want to spend some time working on styles and designs that I usually tend to avoid such as floral. I have also been thinking of having a YouTube account so that I can share interesting things with people who would like to learn more about nail art. In fact i have already started my Facebook page. On a bigger scale and in the up and coming years my ultimate dream would be to own a salon, to be my own boss.

Nail art by Claire Watson