Welcome to Scra2ch. We would love to publish your blogs on our website.Please read the terms and conditions carefully:Please click on the “Register” button below to submit the following details:

  • Your complete name, address and your contact details
  • A scanned copy of valid photo ID proof
  • Topics you are interested in


Anything and Everything ranging from fashion, beauty, travel, nail art, product reviews, tutorials, DIYs etc

  • A blog should have minimum 400 words and relevant images (minimum 3) of high quality (1200 X 720 px)
  • A video blog/tutorial should be of minimum 3 minutes (aspect ratio)
  • Any article/ video submitted to Scra2ch (and published on our website) will give us its ownership and copyright as you have sold the article and image rights to us
  • You will be legally bound not to resell the same article/ images/ video to others. However you can share the article link once it has been published
  • Please avoid submitting articles copied from other websites or internet
  • Your contract will be terminated if found guilty of violation of Scra2ch T&C
  • Please check for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting your article
  • Avoid using SMS/chat language (pls, luv, u, wen and so on)
  • Once we approve the submitted article, it will be published on our website with your name


  • Begin with submitting a small write up about yourself along with above mentioned details and if you are associated with any brand or microblogging sites
  • Once you fulfil all the necessary criteria, we will get back to you with a confirmation email and a list of blog topics
  • You will have to submit your blog within the next 72 hours, else the topic will be open for others
  • Your submitted blog will be reviewed by our content specialists for grammatical and/or spelling errors before being published on our website
  • The total amount payable for all the blogs (mentioned alongside) written/photographed/ video recorded by you will be transferred to your bank account/paypal at the end of each month


  • Payments won’t be made for blogs that are not published on the website
  • Payments will be made either through online bank transfer or via Paypal
  • Please provide your paypal/bank account. Money will not be transferred if the account is not in your name
  • Payments will not include any shopping haul for product reviews
  • Writers will have to send their payment reminders (by 29th & 30th of every month) to with the following details:
  • Names of (published) blogs with their links:
  • Total amount to be paid:
  • Bank  Name:
  • Account Number:
  • Account Holder Name:
  • Branch:
  • IFSC Code:
  • Paypal ID:
  • In case you fail to send us a payment reminder for a particular month, the same can be claimed  next month and payments will be made accordingly
  • The table below shows the price for each blog based on your contribution level
Blogger LevelAmount per Content Category USD
Vlog min (5 mins)Blog (min 600 words)
Level 1 (0-10 blogs) 86
Level 2 (10- 30 blogs)108
Level 3 (30- 50 blogs)1512
Level 4 (50+ blogs)2015


How often can I submit a blog?

You can write and submit your blog almost everyday. However, due to the high number of blogs we will be receiving, there will be a time interval between submission and publishing of your blog. That said, an approved blog should ideally be published within 2 weeks of your submission

It’s been two weeks since I submitted by blog, why is it not published yet?

Your blog might have not been published for the following reasons:

  1. Your blog did not meet the required parameters (content/image)
  2. We found your blog copied from internet
  3. Your blog is under review and needs a few changes, for which we will get back to you

When will I get my payment?

Once you have sent us an email with the link and list of your blogs for the month (29th and 30th) the payments will be sent to your prefered account (Paypal/Bank) within the next 5 days.Your email format should be as below:

Movember Manis:
Color my Mind:

  • Name
  • Total amount to be paid
  • Bank  Name:
  • Account Number:
  • Account Holder Name:
  • Branch:
  • IFSC Code:
  • Paypal ID:

Can I blog on something not mentioned in the topic list?

YES! You can blog on topics that are not in the list. The thing to keep in mind is

  1. The article should have something to do with nail art
  2. Please let us know the topic via email in order to finalize the rates for that blog and also to check that the blog topic hasn’t been already covered.

If you are excited at this opportunity to be associated with Scra2ch, Click on the “Register as a blogger” button below to proceed and start blogging with and for us 

Please feel  free to write to us at, if you have any more questions.

Loads of love and color.